Here’s Why Anita Joseph Isn’t Very Happy with Her Former Best Friend, Uche Elendu

Here’s Why Anita Joseph Isn’t Very Happy with Her Former Best Friend, Uche Elendu

Here’s Why Anita Joseph Isn’t Very Happy with Her Former Best Friend, Uche Elendu

There is a video posted by actress Anita Joseph calling out her former best friend Uche Elendu.

In the video Anita tells Uche that she is done with the friendship and explained what happened to those watching.

In her words;

Hello guys, how are you doing?

It took me a lot to do this today but I just have to do it because we are getting into 2020 and a lot of things need to stop

It is time for the truth

Someone tagged me to a story on ****** and said you need to clear this up, I said okay it’s time

I modelled for someone, sometime ago then,

My best friend came and said Anita why did you model someone else’s hair? It will look like my hair is not original, you betrayed me!

I said how did I betray you?

Am I your ambassador? She said no

Do I owe you, she said no, so wt* is your problem?It really caused a big fight

So I started asking some of my older friends, I said auntie did I do anything to my best friend, because I modelled someone else’s hair?, and she said it is wrong! She said no, so people I wanna ask did I do anything wrong to Uche? Seriously because I don’t get it

It’s only a witch that wouldn’t want you to prosper

You’re my best friend, I modelled your hairs, I freaking buy your hairs, I still advertised them for you, you don’t pay me for them

I take your lashes and I sell to my make-up artists because I have a lot of makeup artists, even the ones they don’t buy I pay for them, you didn’t even know but when we started having problems I had to tell you

Do you know I paid for some lashes, because I needed your business to excel, I needed it to move to the next level,

Here’s Why Anita Joseph Isn’t Very Happy with Her Former Best Friend, Uche Elendu

I bought hairs closed to 1million from you, in as much as I was paying you small small, it doesn’t matter but I bought hairs from you, the first time you brought the hairs I bought like 600k/550k or so. You said you gave me the hair cheaper okay so what because I bought a lot so you needed to give me cheaper

Uche I bought plenty hairs from you, and you never gave me one, not even one!! You should be ashamed of yourself, not even one?

So I didn’t do anything to, you, I didn’t offend you,. You offended me, i advertised your hairs even more than you advertised your hairs

I do mostly hair adverts because I have a good head to advertise them, I do mostly clothes adverts because I have a good body to wear them

I have friends that do business together, they don’t fight but why’s your own so different? Why are you fighting with everyone, 1, 2, 3 persons are saying the same thing, that means something is really wrong with you, you can’t be fighting all over

You know, you have this beautiful face and a beautiful smile, beautiful devil!!

Here’s Why Anita Joseph Isn’t Very Happy with Her Former Best Friend, Uche Elendu

Yes so let’s stop deceiving the public because when people ask you of me, you’ll say she’s good, and when people ask me of you, I’ll say you’re fine

Nne we are not fine, we are done

The last time we had an argument, I said it’s 2020 soon and I don’t want no lies from you, don’t wish me happy birthday because the things you’re gonna say is that she’s my best friend, she plays with me, it’s a lie!! Yes I used to play with you but all the things you write na lie! You’re lying to the public, stop deceiving the public, we are done! You’re not a good person

Are you a witch?

Did our friendship come with condition? You didn’t tell me your friendship was with a condition

You don’t owned me, you don’t feed me, you don’t give me anything

So what is really your problem?

You’re the boss to everyone around you, se wetin happen

Nne you really do have a problem

Bible School na you go finish, still you hurt People why? I didn’t wrong you

We were supposed to do a business together instead you started doing it alone because of this hair thing

Biko when people ask you of me, say you don’t know, Anita should be fine

Stop lying to people we don’t talk

It’s only a witch or wizard that would want her friend or his friend not to prosper

You don’t want me to prosper

You don’t want me to do things that would give me money when you don’t give me money

Even my mother would want me to work

You should be happy for me that am doing something good

Okay you want me to come and be begging you to give me something, I will not do it!

So nne change, you need to change it’s 2020, own it, you offended me

Oh girlfriend I loved you

I never raised my voice at you but when that hair thing started I really gave it to you Nne f**k you

One hair she no give me, and she said before this thing happened she was planning to give me hair, oh really? You were planning to give me hair after how many months.

You ought to be ashamed of yourself, change

You dey question me se I do person hair, you marry me?Even people we marry me no go even do am

Make I no do my business because you be my best friend

F**k you, own it and change!

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