Helen Paul faces backlash for saying ‘wives’ salaries be paid into their husbands’ accounts’


Helen Paul, a comedian and actress, faced criticism for proposing that women’s salary should go directly to their partners’ bank accounts.

Helen Paul allegedly going through Domestic Violence

She mentioned the idea on Instagram and asked for feedback from other women.

“I strongly believe that women’s salaries ought to be transferred straight into their husband’s bank accounts.”

“What are your thoughts on this, my fellow women?”

People had different reactions to her statement, with some men and women supporting it, while others disagreed.

Here are a few of the responses to her opinion:

@abisgangan wrote: God forbid bad thing

@rosy4thetruth wrote: Set the record, I’m fully behind you. You will indeed be a very good pacesetter.

@doctoraljokes_ wrote: Yes, they should send it directly into our bank account. after all we are the head of the family

@abbeyige wrote: I think you’re joking

@adeoye.aderonke wrote: Say wetin happen

@mama_3jsmedia wrote: Make I just take one eye look for now. Bfr I type ee na our money anyways. But mine should be paid into his account while is own should be paid into my account. Case close. I no kuku loose

@dee_domex1 wrote: My sister you are thinking rubbish

@samadeyemi2002 wrote: Correct! I have seen a family where ATM and bank account alert for the wife is with the husband. They are still happily married till now.

@therealstloui wrote: I am not a woman, but I say no way

@dewealthy.kitchen wrote: Exactly what l’ve been doing 7yrs in Marriage, ask my husband

@sexy_queen_chinedu_ben wrote: No way Mami’ I don’t agree for this one 00000oh

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