Heartbroken Man Calls Out Ex-Girlfriend for Marrying Another Man Despite Pregnant for Him


A heartbroken Nigerian man expressed his anger towards his ex-girlfriend who got married to someone else while carrying his child.

Ordinary Ibrahim shared screenshots of his conversation with his ex on Facebook.

Despite her confession of being pregnant with his child, Ibrahim was devastated to see wedding pictures of her with another man.

He vented his feelings on Facebook by cursing both the lady and her new husband, hoping for their marriage to be filled with misfortune.

In his words;

“Dear Rukayat ex, I wish u nothing in u new home but bad. Ur marriage will destroy inshallah keep watching. U meet me February this year and I promise to married u, you said okay and I introduced u to my parents,” he wrote.

And u told me u are pregnant in Match. I said okay that’s nice, and I was so happy for the good news. I left my work to come home so that we can do proper arrangements, I came home Because of u, So u don’t allow me to see u.

U even changed sim because of me after I told u am home already. Since then I can’t found u or know ur way again, that was 25 match , since then we are not talking again, next thing I see yesterday was ur friend request then I accept u, u sent me ur wedding pictures that u are in man house since u left me ,

My question was that are u staying in man house with my 4 month pregnant? I promise u with this ur evil did. Even if I no say something God who’s know everything will fight for me. After all I do for u.

U paid me with this. Ur new home will destroy inshallah. U shall not see peace. I don’t know how to do bad thing. But I will learn and do evil thing to u. Just wait and see.”

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