“Grammy award is practically worthless, the organization lost their credibility years back” – Daniel Regha reveals

  • Daniel Regha, a controversial critic, has criticized Afrobeat superstars Davido and Burna Boy for losing all their Grammy Awards nominations.
  • Burna Boy and Davido lost all Grammy nominations at Los Angeles event, with Daniel Regha stating the Grammy awards have lost their legitimacy and value.
Daniel Regha

Daniel Regha, a controversial critic, has responded to the loss of all of the Grammy Award nominations for Afrobeat singers Burna Boy and Davido.

Notably, Burna Boy and Davido were not awarded any Grammy nominations at the Los Angeles ceremony.

In response, Daniel Regha stated that the Grammy Awards had long since lost it’s credibility and value.

Daniel says that the fact that Tyla’s awful song won Best African Music Performance validates his argument.

He continued by saying it shouldn’t be a huge problem if Davido and Burna Boy didn’t receive any nominations at all because nominations and wins aren’t determined by merit and the Grammy Awards don’t define an artist’s greatness.

His words: “Grammy award is practically worthless, the organization l¤st their credibility years back. Tyla’s terrib!e song (Water) being recognized as the “Best African Music Performance” is proof enough. Just like the Billboard Hot 100 chart, the Grammys doesn’t define the greatness of an artiste, & people d¤n’t bag noms or win a Grammy based on merit; So Davido & Burna losing all their nominations shouldn’t be a big deal. Grammys nowadays are a g!ft for “industry plants”. No offense.”

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