FROM A BLESSING TO A CURSE!!!Meet the Man Who Can’t Have S3x Because His P3nis Is Bigger Than a Baby [Photos]



Many men may dream of having a bigger p3n1s, but having a member this monstrous is guaranteed to turn your life into a nightmare.

Kenyan Sorence Owiti Opiyo, 20, has a p3n1s which has ballooned to at least ten times the average size, and doctors have no idea why.

In what is believed to be the only case in the country, a rare disease has caused the young man’s manhood to swell to an unbelievable size.

With a third leg bigger than a baby, Sorence’s mystery condition means he can’t have children – and his enormous p3n1s has made life hell for the young Kenyan.

He even had to drop out of school after being relentlessly bullied about the size of his manhood, which has stopped him from living anything like a normal life.

BuzzKenya reported that Sorence, from Kisumu County, went to live with his grandmother aged five, after the death of his parents.UNSET 1

But it wasn’t until he was ten that he noticed something was wrong, when boil-like swelling started to take hold between his legs.

With medical experts unable to keep the swelling in check, Sorence’s penis ballooned, leaving him unable to find love and ruling out the possibility of ever having children.

The mystery condition may be baffling doctors, but there is one final hope for the desperate young man.

Sorence is set to go under the knife at Jaramogi Oginga hospital in Kisumu, as medics resort to surgery to keep the swollen penis in check.

His family says they just want him to live a normal life, and have shared Sorence’s story to raise money and awareness for Sorence’s battle against his bulge.