Fr. Mbaka Issues Strong Message To FG, Profers Solution To Banditry

Catholic Church Suspends Father Mbaka over Repeated Clashes with Buhari

Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka, Spiritual Director of Adoration Ministry Enugu, has presented a solution to banditry, after sending a message to the Nigerian army and police,

He claims that there is unrest among the military and police. Mbaka revealed this in a sermon to his audience on Sunday.

He said, “People are not agitating for nothing”, urging President Muhammadu Buhari to “listen to the reason for their agitation”.

Mbaka also said that if Buhari puts “the round peg in the round hole”, it will bring an end to banditry in Nigeria.

He said: “Children are being killed. Those that are being bombed are Nigerians. Nobody is going to give an award to a father or mother for killing his or her children.

“The solution is simple. Put the round pegs in the round hole and banditry will die.

“People are not agitating for nothing. Listen to the reason for their agitation.

“Because even in the Military, there is agitation. In the police, church and family, there is agitation.

Mbaka only claimed “the Spirit of God is not happy with our leaders” and he cannot be quiet while Nigerians suffer.

“The Spirit of God is not happy with our leaders no matter how they want to paint it. Even if all the men of God are silent, the Spirit of God cannot be silent.

“If the poor masses are crying, we men of God must cry with them. Because they call us father.

“I cannot be calm and my children are being killed.”