For over 7 years my son hasn’t blinked, smiled or closed his mouth – Mother seeks help


Tusaiweyana, a woman from Malawi, talked out about her heartbreaking journey in quest of help for her son, Jay, who hasn’t blinked, smiled, or closed his lips since birth.

She explained in the video the heartbreaking problems her son faces on a daily basis as a result of the illness, which prevents him from closing his lips properly, affecting his ability to eat, drink, and even communicate emotions through facial expressions.

Her video touched people all around the world as she recounted the difficulties she faced in her never-ending search for answers and help in her home country of Malawi.

Tusaiweyana found herself in a predicament where she couldn’t get the medical help her kid sorely needed, despite over seven years of hard efforts.

Tusaiweyana has been deeply concerned and distressed by her son’s health, which has substantially impacted his quality of life.

She has, however, maintained her love and appreciation for her kid, choosing to see him as a unique individual deserving of unconditional care and acceptance.

Tusaiweyana announced her plans to fly to South Africa in the coming month to seek a definitive diagnosis and viable treatment options for Jay in an emotional plea for assistance.

In her words;

“It is so sad to look for help for your child and never find it. To look for answers and never find it. I’ve been looking for answers for almost close to 7years now for my son.

“This is my biological son that I gave birth to when I was 16-17 years old and he was born with a condition that affects him from closing his mouth, it also use to affect so many things at times but I decided to love him, appreciate him and see him as a different child, as a unique child and appreciate him the way he is.

“But now I’m getting close for more answers from other countries. So we are traveling next month to South Africa and I don’t know.”

Netizens Reactions…
@what.sherface reacted; “I wish you could bring him to the US. We have so many different doctors, specialists, medical and behavioural professionals here.”

@aphotiklavender reacted; “Ask about Moebius syndrome if you can.”

@lung79 commented: “Tusa, are you going to be consulting privately? I’m wondering if there’s anyone following you here that is in the medical profession in South Africa that can assist you with getting pointed in the right direction before you set off so you avoid seeing the wrong specialists .in my head l’m already thinking if it’s something a paediatrician can diagnose or you maybe a geneticist? If so maybe discuss your case so they know exactly what they are dealing with. I worked with lovely Doctors in SA and would have gladly assisted you if I was still there.”

@prettytima131 reacted; “God is the greatest, May healing be you son’s portion.”

@khomotjomlati reacted: “Next month wen ur in SA will luv to see u guys.. unfortunately I stay in another province bt will travel to see you n ur son.”

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