Financial Adviser Calls Out Verydarkman for Not Spraying Davido Money at Wedding


 A Nigerian guy has accused socialite Verydarkman of not spraying money on Davido and his wife, Chioma, during their wedding.

The financial adviser claimed to have seen several invited guests offer the newlyweds with monetary presents.

The individual added that he did not recall witnessing VeryDarkMan spray Davido money as the others who were invited had.

In response to the video, several social media users speculated that VeryDarkMan may not have wanted to spray money since he was an activist.

Others said that VeryDarkMan may have given his wedding present in secret, and that openly disbursing money is unnecessary.

watch the video below;

reacting to the post;

@ImageOfLife said: “Davido money na water oo.. nothing like plus or minus ooo.”

@Martins said: “Financial ambiance, you don come again.”

@Jamesoo1 said: “Oga VDM is an activist that speaks against spray of money and if he’s caught doing same how will people feel? Not that he doesn’t have money to spray.”

@Dayve said: “I feel am for verydarkman.”

@chemical king said: “You way get money Davido call you?”

@NelsonproM said: “You want VDM to do a financial mistake by spraying Davido?”

@Ćhífłéxźéé reacted: “Show us one video say you go the wedding.”



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