Finally, Bishop Oyedepo Speaks Up On BIAFREXIT, Tell All Biafrans Agitators What They Need To Know [Must Read]

Finally, Bishop Oyedepo Speaks Up On BIAFREXIT, Tell All Biafrans Agitators What They Need To Know [Must Read]

Finally, Bishop Oyedepo Speaks Up On BIAFREXIT, Tell All Biafrans Agitators What They Need To Know [Must Read]

The General Overseer of the Living Faith Bible Church, Bishop David Oyedepo has said the quit notice issued by Arewa youths asking Igbos to vacate the North on October 1 will not stand.


Addressing his members yesterday, Oyedepo said Nigeria would continue to remain an indivisible entity where everyone and all the ethnic nationalities would be free to live and achieve their purpose.


According to Oyedepo, “Freedom of worship and religion would continue to be the identity of the nation. The October 1 ultimatum will not stand. Nigeria will remain one entity where everyone would be able to live and work wherever they like.”


Describing the ultimatum by Arewa youth as mere manipulation to create unrest, which was not necessary, Oyedepo said, “We will keep on declaring the peace of God in this land. No one will succeed in bringing Nigeria to war, no group will succeed in bringing this nation to crisis.”



The clergyman noted that there would be no war in this nation, instead “freedom of religion and worship shall remain the identity of this country.”


He declared that Nigeria shall not go down “our economy shall recover, we will record quality in our education system. Nigeria will not be sold to slavery.”


Urging Nigerians to pray for the country, Oyedepo said, “It is time to engage the prayer altar for our beloved nation, because he that seek the peace of Jerusalem shall prosper.


“Nigeria will not go backward; it will keep going forward forever. Speak peace; pray peace, love peace and peace shall reign in our land. Every injustice will be flushed out of our land and equity shall rule our national life and be our national law.”


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40 Comments on Finally, Bishop Oyedepo Speaks Up On BIAFREXIT, Tell All Biafrans Agitators What They Need To Know [Must Read]

  1. they so called pastors of Yoruba is protecting there business that is all, what have they say about the killings of Biafra people, well i believe in Biafra or Death

  2. Gentlemen and Ladies, the fear of God, the Bible says, is the beginning of wisdom. That someone ‘s opinion is different from your own does not warrant your abuses, more so a Man of God, who deserves all respects irrespective of his human errors which God himself understands and accommodates. Freedom in use of the social media does not call for irrational or sinful utterances. Jesus taught that every man shall give account of every idle or irrational utterances. Just like many Israelites were punished by God in the wilderness, let’s avoid using our tongues sinfully against anyone, more so anyone bearing the name of Jesus. Attack a problem not a person.

    In the same way, I have often advised Biafrans youths to stop abusing their elders irrespective of their divergent opinions. Biafra, for me is a divine project, if God is acknowledged, then let’s speak and behave like him so we don’t provoke him. Those of us who go to Church and read the Bible should not join those in the dark to behave same way. Beyond Biafra, there is heaven to enter, and there is judgment to face. God help us.

  3. With due respect to you my beloved fellow Minister, surely you have spoken your opinion, and it’s your right, but you cannot be right to say that Nigeria with all the oppression and bloodshed of the innocent people and lack of freedom to worship God, God is already out to break Nigeria. The same God supported the separation of Abraham and Lot, Ishmael and Isaac, Israel from Egypt, etc etc and broke in pieces powerful Empires is out for Nigeria. You better understand the will of God and not your will. I believe very soon you will change your prayers to a peaceful break up of this incompatible nation of nations. God bless you.

  4. We all need to be very careful with our utterances, Bishop Oyedepo is a man of God and due respect in that regard should be accorded him, that he does not share in your ideology does not make him deserve all this name calling… It seems you guys don’t have regard for God… Hmmm… Careful my people!!!

  5. I just can’t read or figure out anything spiritual or wisdom from his rants than sheer selfishness clearly written all over his stupid utterances, yet few Biafrans still fall his cheap mugu. May God open your eyes quicker to see the fact he’s more of a businessman than the acclaimed god of man.

  6. My Papa just spoke, this agitation for Biafra must come and Biafra must be birthed. Pls papa, bless it or if possible ignore this matter. But for Biafra, we are here


    • Obviously you don’t av regard if not to man but to God.careful not to attract curses to your life and generation such that even if Biafra comes you may not be there to see it. Don’t play with fire

  8. This guy should no longer be addressed as man of GOD Rather as a man of Evil cos he is a 419er,a material lover and the thief of Faith Bible church ,The prophet of doom is afraid to lose his customers.How can we be one Nigeria impossible,we hate each other the wealth of the nation is not evenly distrbuted,The Northerners claims to be born to rule Yorubers play some cunny roles and u sit there taiking shit that Nigeria is indvisible,man of God my ass

    • I wonder why some of you will not have some little regard for men of God .wt so ever your name is lean how to speak you fool do you now who you are addressing in that manner.may god forgive you

    • I love u man, he’s simply trying to protect his business and customers. How can s person that call himself god of man support evil of marginalization and unequal distribution of ourbcommon wealth?

  9. Now it is a crime for any one to believe in the oneness of this nation and also ask for prayer for it, this Biafra should agitators are becoming something else. Who ever doesn’t go along with your line of thought suddenly become an enemy. Better get ready to make more o….. I have always believe that the agitators are justified for their stand and for the fight but to always come on social networks and rant and abuse everybody is not doing a just cause to their agitations.

  10. Ola who is calling dis man a man of God for we’re a man that loves things of de world more then his members ola all hail Biafra joor

  11. I see people being afraid of loosing igbo members and sponsors if Biafra comes so they want to use religion to tie us to one nigeria,its not possible even God heard the cry of Israel and intervained,God has come for Biafrans and no selfish religious leader can stop.
    Note:Any religious leader who see all the killings and marginalization of the eastern people and still talk of one nigeria is highly selfish.

  12. I still do not know the resson why biafrans are too bumptious,senseless,lippy and too source to use plebian word on people.

    Pastor Oyedepo is talking and you of all would have stoop so useless in evil effrontery to tonglash anointed men of God? If I may ask do you want to go astray? Are you tired of life?

    Biafra swallow your pride and bow down your head when Pastor is talking. As He has decreed so shall it be in the mighty name…. Amen. And I pray every agent of war fashion to work against the peace of this nation shall not live but die ìn Jesus name… AMEN

    • Pls respect but don’t worship any man of God,they only claim to hear from God or their gods n we all carry the same grace if we want we will hear from that same god or God,put its simple it a political n a self determination struggle and religion has no place in it,they the so called men of God has been in this country seeing what is going onbn since it does not affect their tithe and offering they kept quiet they should remain quiet pls and enjoy their oil money tanks

    • Who made him Christ of our time? I don’t believe in insulting anyone but telling me he’s a man of God is another thing? What am I? A man of devil? Please religion is a personal thing. If he’s ur anno item man of God . That’s ur believe. Others believe in other anointed men of God. So don’t tell people to bow when he talks ok. It’s an insult on others that have different believe from you. Thanks.

    • Good perspective my friend but very poor delivery. Man of God u said not God of Man so why should dey be worshipped when they speak. Refine your words my dear friend …

    • Jesus can not answer u that prayer because all the people killed by housa Fulani including my own First Class engine driver father since 1966 till today oyedipo is nothing talking about it let ask oyedipo do know that housa Fulani say in their religion that any body who is not Muslim must die or u be a Moslem the question is do want everyone to be a Moslem for us to be one Nigeria ask this question

    • Adedeji do you know why i will not blame you? because right from origin you Yoruba people as ever been selfish just imagine you, have eyes but cant see what what do you know about the bible or what do you when a man is been call man of God or anointed by God please can you Adedeji as a person be frankly or tell your self the truth what as been going on in Nigeria today a right thing? or because Bishop Oyedepo is a Yoruba pastor and he came out to say this because of his own selfish interest let go back and search our self this life or Nigeria today is a crazy nation sorry to say and believe me unless not God who is alive call for Biafra but if for real God i know who is not selfish looking to what the Igbos have been passing true in this selfish country call Nigeria then no man born of the womb of a woman will stop it so just go and pray before come out in the public to say a word so that you too can not be course just imagine Oyedepo who call inself a pastor or a bishop where were him all this while when the Igbos are be kill? i pity him and many who take from him when God will visit hmm i laugh, if i start saying much about him you will not stand it so back up and face the reality of life good day

  13. When you insult/abuse a man of God you incur the wrath of God having done His prophet harm. ” Touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm”.

    • Who’s a prophet of God this selfish and gullible oyedepo whose university u can afford to pay it’s fees.nonesense! Tell me one his prophecy u can boasts of as reality in cursed ur eye

      • The university fees is not the issue, even if it is ten kobo not every body can pay. Cultist will not go there even if it is one kobo. Everything about life is scarifies and your priorities in life. some parents has up to five jeeps but they take their children to open university at the age of 18yrs where they pay 30,000.00. everything in life is choice. Anything good is never cheap. it depends on the value you attach to anything that makes you long for it and achieve it. Please for your own benefit respect this Bishop, his kind is very few. He is God sent. He is Moses and Joshua of our time. He is meek and gentle and kind with powers from God Almighty.

    • Who’s a prophet of God this selfish and gullible oyedepo whose university u can afford to pay it’s fees.nonesense! Tell me one his prophecy u can boasts of as reality in cursed ur eye

    • I think I still stand your ground my very good friend, these pastors are becoming something else but very soon I mean very soon they will be exposed, politics and religion are not friends nor brothers, this is (Babylon the great time,) the world empire of false religion.

      • Pls all of u saying dis,I would urge u not to speak a negative word against d great man of God papa oyedepo,he’s not my spiritual father but I respect him alot,so pls let’s not get dis confusing, let’s come together as one,were dy is togetherness their is love and peace

        • Touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm, is oyedepo the only anointed man of God? In the mist of those killed in southern Kaduna are there no anointed men of God among them?what about those that has become orphan over night because of Fulani herdsmen would God continue to keep quiet over it…don’t worry later we will know who’s a man of God.

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