Fayemi Advises #EndSARS Protesters, Asks Them to Employ Stealth


Fayemi Advises #EndSARS Protesters, Asks Them to Employ Stealth.

The Governor of Ekiti State, Kayode Fayemi has advised #EndSARS protesters to know when to stop agitating and negotiate with the government.

He stated this while speaking at a symposium with the theme, ‘The Africa Policy Dialogue Series: Harnessing Africa’s Demographic Dividend for Peace, Security and Productivity through Investments in Youth’, organized by the Harvard Kenny School Alumni Association of Nigeria on Friday.

He urged the #EndSARS campaigners and youths in Nigeria to employ stealth rather than brigandage in pushing for social change.

Fayemi said:

 “We do owe them (youths) a duty to begin to respond to those reasonable demands that they make for a good education which is a right not a privilege, for accountable governance, for human rights protection and I think this is something that the government must respond to.

“They are the larger part of the population but they need to really rid themselves of a sense of entitlement because nobody gives you these things freely, you have to fight for it and I am glad that they are beginning to fight for it.

“Ultimately, when they start knocking on that door, and they break the door open, they will be allowed in. But in breaking it open, they can do it by stealth rather than by brigandage. Some of us have spent our time at the barricade. In the better time of my younger days, I was also a #EndSARS protester of sorts as you know. But I knew when to stop and when to start negotiating with those in power and authority and ultimately, we made some progress.”

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