Fan Advises Ruger to Change Career After He Revealed Only One of His Eye Works Perfectly


Concerned fan has made a suggestion Nigerian artiste, Ruger after he complained about his eye issue.

In an interview with Nancy Isime, Ruger explained that the eye patch is a representation of someone he admires.

Per the artist, he wanted to look that way as a sign to inspire him of a specific person who, against all odds, persevered in life and became even stronger.

He went on to add that the eye patch indicates being a sniper because a sniper closes one eye to aim at a target, and that his name “Ruger” is a pistol’s name.

Ruger has presumably implied in a new tweet that his patched eye is malfunctioning in comparison to the other one.

 He remarked that having only one eye that works perfectly has been quite difficult for him.

He wrote; Having only one perfect working eye is not easy at all

The fan tweeted; ”Eeei Sorry bruh. Bt why not be a photographer then?”

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