EXPOSED!!!What They Don’t Want You To Know About German Shopping Centre Massacre


germany shopping centre

The crazed killer who murdered at least nine people in a chilling massacre lured people to their deaths with a fake Facebook post offering them  free meals.


Police said they were examining a “game” on the social network that asked people to be at the branch of the fast food chain where Friday’s murderous rampage began in order to get free food.


The chilling detail was revealed in a press conference in the wake of the attack which left 10 people including the 18-year-old Iranian-German gunman dead.


When opening up the conference to questions, one reporter asked: “On Facebook there is a type game whereby at 4 o’clock in the afternoon you should be meeting in McDonald’s because something … I believe this is a fake game where people are asked to congregate at McDonald’s because McDonald’s might be offering free meals.”


Shortly after people arrived, the gunman pulled out a handgun and began firing at a group of people as they walked towards the fast food restaurant.