“Everybody Dey Vex For Bob” –Bobrisky Under Fire For Visiting Brother in Manly Attire

Why i'm Adding So Much Weight Lately – Bobrisky Reveals

Controversial Nigerian cross dresser Bobrisky paid a visit to his brother and grandmother, according to a video circulating on social media.

As is customary, the cross dresser put his cross-dressing job on hold for the time being to visit the duo dressed in manly clothes.

Fans, on the other hand, chastised the self-proclaimed Mummy of Lagos for boasting about his “mansion” while his relatives live in the “trenches.”

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Remember how Bobrisky described months ago why he dresses like a man whenever he visits his family?

Here is what he had to say when asked why he dressed like his real gender when going to see his father on his birthday;

“There is absolutely nothing wrong with what am wearing… I wore a face cap and a black jalabia. I’m not d celebrant I don’t have to paint face to my dad house.

 I respect my family. Oh you think my parent don’t see my IG. Mtcwww.”

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