Etinosa Idemudia announces plan to undergo surgery to remove her womb, reveals reason

“My ex-husband once told me he’s not my friend; that he’s my lord” – Etinosa tearfully recounts ordeal

Etinosa Idemudia, a well-known Nigerian actress, shares her motivation for undergoing womb removal surgery.

A mother of one started a discourse about life and death on the microblogging site X a few months ago.

She believes that ending reproduction is a good method to address the underlying cause of mortality, which is life itself.

“The primary cause of Death is life itself. So to stop Death one must put an end to reproduction. What is never born will never die. Even I myself am not ready for this deep conversation. It’s deeper than i can comprehend,” she wrote.

Agreeing with the Nollywood actress, a fan highlighted it as the reason behind the decision for some not wanting to have children.

In response to a follower’s comment regarding her earlier tweet on the “primary cause of death being life,” Etinosa explained that she plans to remove her womb to spare her future children from the inevitability of facing death in this world.

She added, “God bless you. Reason I’m doing a surgery soon to take off my womb. No child of mine is coming to this world to wait for death.”

See the interaction below …

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