Enraged ‘EmmaRose’ Shipper Angrily Condemns The ‘Hyping’ of Cross-Liquorose Ship [AUDIO]


An enraged EmmaRose ship angrily condemns the encouragement of a bond between Cross and Liquorose following an adorable video of the duo.

This comes after a video of Cross and Liquorose made waves across the internet space which triggered fans to hope for more between the duo.

In reaction, a bothered fan lamented on how such a union should not be encouraged while stating that Cross had revealed his plans during the BBNaija show to snatch the dancer from his colleague.

“Mama Joy, Sharon, who dey come post this nonsense to our group? We’re EmmaRose shippers, not CrossRose shippers; who dey come post this kain nonsense for here? I no just like am at all; Mo una no dey post this kain nonsense for here because I’m angry the way I’m feeling now; I’m very very angry. Cross talk am for house say e go snatch Liquorose from Emmanuel, don’t you know that is what he is trying to do. Why we go come dey put am for here. I no happy o, make una just delete this thing,” she ranted.

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