End SARS: ‘We Created the Hoodlums’-Ex-Gov. Donald Duke Pleads for Forgiveness


The Nigerian politician and ex-governor of Cross River State, Donald Duke has faulted and blamed the uprising in the country currently on what he describes as a failed government.

Donald Duke is of the standpoint that the youth’s outburst is a cry to government for an end to corruption and the diversion of public funds supposed to be used to improve the livelihood of citizens.

Speaking to the press on Sunday, the maverick law maker indicated the destruction of properties by hoodlums are the fault of the failed government and he begged Nigerians on behalf of the government for their forgiveness.

He said;

“We often want to blame these happenings on criminals and miscreants, but they are no such people, we created them, they are human beings.”

“I find it deplorable when people regard others as miscreants. They are our children. If you don’t provide for them, train them and give them hope, they will take laws into their hands; but the point is we need to rise up and correct these things.

“We must mean what we say and say what we mean. When the youths feel that your words are empty statements, they won’t take you seriously anymore,” he said

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