“Emeka Ike Denied Accusing Me Of Demanding Cex-For-Role” – Okey Bakassi


“Emeka Ike Denied Accusing Me Of Demanding Cex-For-Role” – Okey Bakassi“Emeka Ike Denied Accusing Me Of Demanding Cex-For-Role” – Okey Bakassi

Comedian and actor, Okechukwu Anthony Onyegbule, aka Okey Bakassi, has reacted to reports that he sleeps with actresses in exchange for movie roles.

According to online reports, actor Emeka Ike granted an interview where he mentioned five filmmakers who were fond of demanding cex for movie roles and Okey Bakassi was on the list.

But in an encounter with Sunday Scoop, Okey Bakassi said that the moment he saw the news, he called Ike to confirm the story and he denied saying it. He said, “The reports have been there for a while now; bloggers just went to dig it out. When I saw the news, I called him immediately and he denied it. The truth is that I heard it from people before I read it. Since I confronted the person that was alleged to have said it and he said he didn’t say it, I couldn’t hold anything against him. I guess my mistake at the time was not putting it on record.”

Bakassi also opined that because Ike lamented about different things in the industry, it was confusing. “I cannot remember the version of the article I read, but he was attacking the whole industry in it. Since he mentioned some names, people then attributed the rest of the story to those names. At a time, I spoke to my lawyers to take it up. You cannot substantiate things like that. If it were to be a woman, one could say she was speaking from her experience. Did anyone sleep with him?

If anyone can provide the recording of the interview where Emeka accused me of sleeping with actresses for movie roles, I would take him up on it. You know we live in an era where anyone can pick up anything and turn it into a story,” he said.

“Emeka Ike Denied Accusing Me Of Demanding Cex-For-Role” – Okey Bakassi

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