Easy Steps to Clear Dark Knuckles within Days

Easy Steps to Clear Dark Knuckles within Days
Easy Steps to Clear Dark Knuckles within Days

How to clear dark knuckles is a major skin care concern. I have seen a lot of ladies and even men hiding their hands under the table, because they were embarrassed. And while we are all down for self-confidence and loving yourself the way you are, wouldst you rather have flawless hands than dark knuckles? Ok, so you woke up and found your knuckles as black as charcoal or may be it has always been that way.

After following these steps, you would be flaunting those hands in no time.

Dark knuckles mainly affect people of color. Meaning Africans, black Americans. It doesn’t matter if you’re light-skinned, as long as you’ve got Melanin, you can still have dark knuckles. If you do, you have probably bought lotions or creams which claim they clear up knuckles in days but the issue only got worse …What do you do?

Ok, let’s go back to the genesis of your dark knuckles. I mean way back! As with every solution, you must find out the cause or reason for your ailment so you can tackle it with the velocity of its attack.

-What causes dark knuckles?

There are several reasons our knuckles get dark and I’m going to outline them below;

Bleaching/Toning creams -Yes, the usual culprits are those lotions or creams we buy to tone or bleach our skin.

For some reason, while it works on lightening the skin, it appears to make all the melanin concentrate on the knuckles, elbows, and knees.

-Skin conditions -Having skin psoriasis and eczema can cause dark knuckles.

-Exposure to harsh chemicals– Sometimes it is safer to put on gloves before engaging in cleaning activities which involve chemicals or strong detergents. Most of these chemicals result in dark knuckles

–Genetics –Yes, some things are just thanks to our mamas and papas. So are dark knuckles. I have seen ladies and even men who have never touched a toning or bleaching creams in their lives, with knuckles so dark.

How to clear dark knuckles

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