Don’t Use good knack as a Reward to Pay Back Goodwills – Oge Nsimah to Ladies

Don’t Use good knack as a Reward to Pay Back Goodwills – Oge Nsimah to Ladies

Twitter influencer Oge Nsimah has asked women never to use their body to reciprocate a kind gesture extended to them by men.

In a recent post on Facebook, Oge who is also a Real Estate Consultant told ladies not be feel awkward or be under obligation to sleep with a man who is spending money on them.

She argued that sex is not a reward from a lady to a man and a man can still leave a lady after sleeping with her. She continued that if a man leaves after laying with a lady, it simply implies that he was never connected with her.

Oge wrote;

Don’t feel obligated to have sxx with a man because he is spending money on you, ..Dont use sxx as a reward to reciprocate good wills.

Sxx is not a reward!!

And if a man ghost you because of this,

He is never connected to you in any way

All he wanted is to spend money on you and have a taste of your beautiful body.

You can date without having sxx, its will help you make informed decisions..Dont let anyone pressure you.


Oge Nsimah

Oge recently tackled Naira Marley for expressing interest in sleeping with a woman and her daughter at the same time. Oge Nsimah consequently labeled the Soapy hitmaker as an agent of destruction sent from the pit of hell to distract the youth.

Read her full message;

Every sensible person knows that  It’s not every thought that pop in your mind that is good for public consumption.

One thing you all have to know is that, majority of these popular people on social media are sent by the devil to challenge your faith, your  moral,  deceive and lure you to their gang.

On this social media street, Everyone is on a mission. Find out the personality you are following what is his or her mission.?

Some are here to  tell you, that  there is no moral, do what you wish, satisfy all your whims and impulse live recklessly as you want..

Some are here to add value to your life. While some are here to remove the little value you’ve got and damage you completely

Some are here just to prove to you that there  is no Jesus. No God, nothing like  heaven and hell.

And one shameful thing about this very one is that,  you still see those that  believe in Jesus, following them, sharing their messages making a mockery of their faith and still want that same  faith to work for them..

Some are here to plant division and discrimination among people. While Some are here to preach  respect, value,  love, peace and help you build yourself to grow and feel accomplished as it should be.

So, find out the core message the personality you are following is preaching, if it resonates with your principle about life and faith,fine super for you.

 If  it’s not. stop following the person, they will corrupt your mind, because,  Energy do rob off and you are what you read and listen.

Before you know it, you see yourself behaving like them. Know this now, if you have not notice it..

Evangelism of every kind have left the street, its now on social must be careful before the recruit you to their cave

you know when you are demented, there some silly thoughts that can pop up in  your mind, wisdom requires you keep them to yourself.

So,  i read a post last night where Naira Marley said, one day he is going to sleep with a daughter and mother

 see, jokes or not, catching cruise or not, this is a silly thing to type with that his weed/ tramadol social media finger

Yea, To a lot of you that have done it, it might mean nothing, but this word is so irritating to my ears,  and such words are not good for public consumption..

This boy here  is so reckless and a bad influence,  I don’t like a danm thing about him and his trending brouhaha,

I guess the next stage is for his Malrians to  start aspiring how  to sleep with mother and daughter, father and son, like their president. Because you are a reflection of your leader.

Anyone that says Naira Marley  is an Agent of destruction did not make mistake, this boy is sent here  to damage his Marlians

yes! I said so. He is destruction.


Oge Nsimah

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