“Don’t Make The Mistake I Made”- Nigerian Transgender Sahhara Advises Trans-Sisters


Nigerian transgender, Sahhara has penned down a long note on social media advising her fellow transgender women about changing their body as she shares her experience.

 Sahhara revealed that she spent the night in the hospital after undergoing a corrective surgery with the drains still attached, the surgery is to correct some pain and mistakes I made during her journey into womanhood.

According to her, they go through hell to be their true selves and it is a shame that some people trivialize their identity without knowing what is takes to who they are.

Sharing photos of her on her hospital bed, Sahhara prayed they never go through what they have been going through and advised her trans sisters not make the same mistakes she made

Part of her write up reads;

“Please, be patient, don’t rush into doing things you body will produce naturally. Becoming the woman you truly are takes years, it is a gradual marathon steps, not a sprint.

My Grandma always said ‘Those who run blindly, always falls’. So be clever and WAIT! Take guidance from sisters who came before you, unfortunately, unlike you, I had none, but you have me. I’ll gladly be your Guinea pig, so you don’t have to destroy your life out of haste and desperation.

I’m staying in the hospital until I am deemed strong enough to go home. Thank you all so much for your lovely messages, I appreciate your kind thoughts and care… Love you all so much.”

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