“Don’t compare him to Wizkid or Davido again” – Man shares why Burna Boy is now on the same level with Michael Jackson


With a video, a podcast presenter has drawn a lot of attention to himself by arguing that Burna Boy is more comparable to Michael Jackson than to Wizkid and Davido.

The host asserts that Burnaboy is too gifted to be compared to fellow Nigerian musicians Davido and Wizkid.

As an alternative, he ought to be compared to the great Michael Jackson.

The podcast host made the case that Burnaboy’s musical ability distinguishes him from the well-known “big three”—Wizkid, Davido, and Burnaboy.

The host continued by explaining that Burnaboy is unique because to his extraordinary skills and that it would be more fair to draw comparisons with international superstars like Michael Jackson.

The dispute is a result of Burnaboy’s own admission from a prior performance, in which he claimed to be in his own league and disassociated himself from the “big three,” highlighting that there were only the “big two” (Davido and Wizkid).

This statement appeared to allude to Burnaboy’s sense of superiority towards other musicians.

The podcast host reiterated this idea, saying Burnaboy has more musical success than Wizkid and Davido combined.

The host further underlined that rather than classifying Burnaboy with his peers, the public should recognise his distinct contributions to the sector.

A Nigerian man stated in a recent podcast episode that Burnaboy didn’t really become well-known until about 2020.

He expressed that prior to Burnaboy’s rise to fame, the music scene was dominated by Davido and Wizkid, which is why they would continue to remain at the top.

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