“Does the hair glorify God” — Like Delilah Mother asks as she chops off son’s dreads while he sleeps

  • Nigerian mother cuts off son’s dread while he sleeps, causing online buzz. She confesses to putting sleeping pills in his food

A Nigerian woman has caused a stir online after taking drastic lengths to cut off her son’s dread while he sleeps.

The young man who was soundly unconscious was oblivious to his surroundings.

His brother captured the video while pleading with his mother to spare his hair, but she refused to heed.

The mother justified her action on the grounds that she had cautioned him against bringing that particular hairstyle into her residence.

She admitted to incorporating sleeping pills into his meal, which explains why she served him a distinct meal.

View some viewer responses to the video here.

perrysignature2 wrote: “I hate person wey dey sleep deep like this”

weightlossproducts9ja added: “African mothers 😂 but please if you still live under your parents and they still take care of your bills please abide by their rules and not yours. 😂😂”

shes_spotless reacted: “Lmao She Gave Him A Different Food So He Can Sleep Very Well 😂”

officialeldero1 said: “Samson don looseguard o…it’s a tufiakwa situation.”

kingslia_israel stated: “I know someone that sleeps like this 😂😂😂😂 can’t call name but a tailor came to measure him sleeping like that I can never forget that day 😂😂😂”

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