DJ Cuppy Celebrates Acting Debut In British Sci-Fi Movie ‘Supacell’

A Man Bought Me Rolex During My Birthday, But I Still Don’t Have His Time – Billionaire Heiress, DJ Cuppy

Nigerian disc jockey Florence Otedola, commonly known as DJ Cuppy, celebrates the triumph of her acting debut.

The Nigerian disc jockey participated in the British sci-fi series “Supacell,” which is presently at the top of Netflix’s global TV shows chart.

“Supacell” debuted on Netflix on June 27, 2024. DJ Cuppy had a minor part in the first episode as a disc jockey. The series was directed by Rapman.

DJ Cuppy was overjoyed with the show’s success and shared the news with her fans on social media platform X.

She wrote, “Cupcakes! Supercell is the number 1 TV show globally on Netflix. [I’m] eternally grateful to RealRapman for giving me the chance to be part of this project. Now, we are currently the most viewed Netflix show in the world!”

This victory is a huge step forward for DJ Cuppy as she begins her acting career.

In related news, Nigerian disc jockey Florence Otedola, commonly referred to as DJ Cuppy, has drawn varied emotions after disclosing her plans to pursue a fourth degree at the age of 31.

DJ Cuppy recently revealed her desire to continue her studies, despite already having many degrees.

Her announcement elicited a variety of reactions from the public, with some questioning the necessity for extra academic credentials when she already had great educational accomplishments.

In a recent Twitter (now X) post, DJ Cuppy recognized the replies she got, playfully adding that many are advising her not to get another degree.

She wrote;

“People are really begging me not to go back to school for a 4th degree [laughing emoji]. LMAO.”

The famous DJ’s educational journey includes a degree in Business and Economics from King’s College, London, which she completed in July 2014.

Following this, she obtained a master’s degree in music business from New York University in 2015.

Most notably, DJ Cuppy graduated from Oxford University in 2023 with an MSc in African Studies.


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