”Did God Change His Mind?” – Actor Ogbolor Throws Shade at Olori Naomi’s After Saying Her “My Marriage Was Ordained by God”


Nollywood actor, Uba Michael nicknamed Ogbolor, has taken shots at people who divorce after claiming their marriage was predestined by God.

He wondered if God had changed his mind, or if the phrase’s proponents simply threw God in there to make it appear good.

See how netizens reacted to his assertion some reactions below;

victoriainyama wrote; “The devil cannot cause divorce. It’s a spouse’s Bad Intolerable behaviour that causes divorce. .. .

The devil cannot be held for a cheating/ beating/ abusive behaviour. Even the devil is Shocked at human wickedness… .. 🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️”

sircosta2710 wrote;The women are just being too influenced by what Dey see, nd the men are busying comparing dia wives with what they hv been served outside 😂🙌”

nene_george wrote;It’s easier to say when it’s convenient. That relationship wasn’t ordained by almighty God, probably by traditional gods😂😂.

 God is not an author of confusion. They always say these things to convince themselves before taking this kind of decisions 😂

iubenjamin wrote; This Ogbolor of a guy should take time to read and understand what Queen Naomi implied when she mentioned King Saul and he would understand that a marriage that was ordained could still fall apart. To every situation, there is a purpose

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