Dice Ailes drags Sony Music over his songs

  • Dice Ailes, a Nigerian artist, has expressed his dissatisfaction with Sony Music, claiming that the record label is not effectively promoting his music.
  • The artist claimed to have a long-standing business arrangement with Sony Music, but due to unresolved issues, both parties decided to terminate the agreement.
  • The individual asserts that the record label is obstructing the release of his work due to contractual restrictions that are affecting their relationship.
Dice Ailes drags Sony Music over his songs

Nigerian artist Shasha Damilola Alesh, also known as Dice Ailes, has expressed his frustration with Sony Music, accusing the record label of not adequately promoting his songs.

The singer said that he had a long-standing business arrangement with Sony Music, but when things did not progress, both parties agreed to end it.

He said that the record label is impeding the publication of his work, citing contractual restrictions that are impacting the flow of things between them.

He said:

“I have been in business with Sony Music for years and sometime last year, we mutually agreed to terminate the contract because progress was stagnated and also we didn’t get the kind of investments we were expecting.

“Unfortunately, we still have some restrictions from that deal that are affecting the flow of things, our marking processes, and investments for my company. I was just really tired.

“The fans have been clamoring for new music from me for so long. And 2024 is just so important to me, for the fans to get the best of me. So out of frustration, I had to go on social media to call out Sony Music.”

In 2022, the music sensation released the female-centric EP ‘Ladies First’.

After months of anticipation and an early announcement in the wake of the new year, superstar Dice Ailes’ debut EP “Ladies First” is now available on digital platforms via Sony Music Entertainment West Africa/Black Butter Records/TMM Entertainment..

For anyone familiar with the Dice Ailes brand, one thing that stands out is his love for ladies; this same sentiment pervades the brand-new project, eponymously titled in their honour. An EP of this type can only be extremely personal, and Dice Ailes’ distinctiveness and thoughtfulness are evident from the start. The eyes are the first thing you notice on the cover, which is basic with a simple image that bears a stare.


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