Deyemi Okanlawon reacts as wife seeks advise after husband sent her packing for sending boys to teach him a lesson


Deyemi Okanlawon, a well-known Nollywood actor, offered sincere advice to a woman who was kicked out by her husband for involving her brothers in their argument.

The woman, who remained anonymous, asked for advice online after a dispute with her husband led to her insulting his mother. This led to a physical altercation and her husband getting beaten up by her brother.

In her words, “I’m about to lose my marriage, on Sunday me&my husband argue&in the heat of the moment I abuse his mom, that’s how he slap me, my face swell up, I went to our house & my brother saw my face, he carry two boys&went to beat my husband, l got back home and my load is outside, I love my man, pls advice.”

Deyemin Okanlawon responded to the plea for advice by stating that justice has been served and encouraging the married woman to accept the outcomes.

“Abuse for argument, slap for abuse, beating for slap, bags for beating… ojoro don cancel, case don solve. No need for any advice again just carry the bags to your papa/brother house. You have all done well!” he wrote.

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