Davido’s Fans celebrates as Viral Abuja Barber Instagram Followers Keeps Decreasing


The viral Abuja barber, who recently challenged Davido, is now experiencing a decline in his Instagram followers, much to the delight of many fans.

Last month, the barber gained widespread attention after a public dispute with the singer.

In a comment on one of Davido’s posts, he referred to him as the “003” of the music industry, which greatly annoyed Davido, who has always referred to himself as “001”.

Davido swiftly responded, stating that the barber had missed out on his blessings, including the opportunity to cut his hair and even open a salon for him.

Despite Davido’s offer, the unwavering barber, who is a dedicated Wizkid supporter, remained firm in his belief that Davido could not provide any assistance.

Following their online dispute, the barber experienced a surge in followers, particularly from Wizkid fans who admired his courage in confronting Davido.

Regrettably, not all the pledges made by his new followers came to fruition, as he revealed today that some had chosen to unfollow him.

Reacting to the post;

mandy_chuks said: “Davido fans gather here let’s laugh”

tenovertenautos advised: “Who get family to feed no dey put fan base wahala for him business… if u want buy car from me and u be FC, Na Wizkid we go play as we dey test drive. if u be 30BG, same thing.. once I see alert, we shake hands everybody enter house …”

oilgas_25 stated: “I unfollow him the day he address me as a fan. He address Fc as his fans. Na Pride be him problem. Person way I big pass”

amensexy09 added: “Me as a Wizkid FC, na me first unfollow the werey cause I observe say all the people when he Dey follow before he go viral, he unfollow all 😂😂😂😂 Celebrity indeed”

black_diamond479 reacted: “You can’t hate Davido and prosper”

evve__lynn noted: “This is to show you that.. online people don’t really care about you.. mind how you behave here”

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