Danielle Edochie’s response to dad, Yul after he congratulated her over new endorsement deal stirs reactions


Danielle Edochie’s response to her father Yul’s sincere congratulations message on her most recent ambassadorial deal has been met with mixed reactions.

To announce his daughter Danielle’s partnership with a skincare company, Yul Edochie posted a video on his Instagram page.

Yul expressed his extreme happiness and heartfelt congrats to Danielle for this noteworthy accomplishment in his caption.

He continued, firmly asserting that she would surpass him in greatness and that the sky is only the beginning of her journey, to express his unflinching faith in her future achievement. Yul expressed his hope for God to continue to guide and protect her by sending his love and prayers as the final part of his letter.

In his own words:

“Big Congratulations to you my daughter @danielleyuledochie on your endorsement with Misiano skin care brand. The first of so many more endorsements to come my Angel. You shall be 50 times greater than your father. The sky will be your starting point. And may God continue to guide and protect you. Daddy is proud of you always.”

Touched by her father’s heartfelt message, Danielle responded with gratitude, simply saying, “Amen. Thanks, Dad.”*

Netizens Reactions…

Her response garnered admiration from netizens who appreciated her maturity and modest acknowledgement of her father’s support and her expression of gratitude for his kind words.

One @i_am_teewon wrote: “Continue to Love and pray for your father, he will return home one day.”

@itz.angel.3956690 wrote: “His ur dad no matter what his doing I like ur maturity.”

@chichnails wrote: “Nchoo this is lovely.”

@hendricksmercy wrote: “People just Dey fight see the girl commented on her dad post,you see that woman called “MAY” the woman get sense,like too much sense of na another woman she no go even allow these children interact with their father again,I just wish everything could just be good again.”

@nkaymicton wrote: “God bless u omalicha nwa.”

@kes_luxuryhub wrote: “Congratulations sweetheart.”

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