Dammy Krane Keeps Dragging Davido Over Debt

“Owe B Owe, pay me my money; it’s my work” – Dammy Krane ridicules Davido

Dammy Krane goes after Davido again after he responded to his original call for debt payment.

What began as an apparently private conflict has quickly escalated into a highly publicized rivalry, with both Davido and Dammy Krane venting their frustrations on numerous social media channels.

Dammy Krane recently made a fairly serious charge against Davido, implying that sad deaths occur in his circle every year.

Dammy Krane accused Davido of being indebted to him, which sparked the initial spark for this feud.

In response, Davido noted that Dammy Krane owed him compensation for three verses he provided to assist in reviving Dammy Krane’s career. This financial dispute then expanded to encompass royalty issues, with Davido contending that the money Dammy Krane claimed to be owed had not been received.

Furthermore, Davido disclosed a significant aspect of their past relationship. He revealed that Dammy Krane had been reliant on him when he relocated to Atlanta. Nonetheless, their perspectives on this matter sharply diverged. While Dammy Krane contended that he was homeless and had been invited to stay in Davido’s residence, he countered by stating that it was Davido who had extended the invitation.

The rationale behind this invitation, as Dammy Krane explained, was that Sony Music had expressed interest in signing him, which subsequently led to his affiliation with Davido’s record label, DMW, as he sought an exit from his Sony Music contract. Dammy Krane also alleged that Davido’s housing offer was primarily motivated by the potential to secure a share of the Sony Music deal, which unfortunately did not materialize.

In a particularly unsettling turn, Dammy Krane made a claim about a disturbing pattern within Davido’s record label, suggesting that individuals close to Davido frequently experience untimely deaths each year.

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