“Confirmation of what Adunni had said, yet she is apologizing”- Gideon Okeke Laments Over The ‘Peanut Pay’ Actors Receive

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Reality TV star, Cum actor, Gideon Okeke took to Instagram to lament about the working conditions in Nollywood.

The movie star said that the pay is peanut and the working conditions are gruesomely slave-like.

According to the Tinsel star, actors are not well paid but would appear on the red carpet of events looking like ‘bags of money’.

He said: “The pay is peanuts. The food is whacked! The working conditions are gruesomely slave-like…But come the day of the red carpet premier…We dress up looking like a bag of money. E no add up jorr.”

“WAIT ! Awards season is coming again. You will see all of us looking like PEACOCKS on the red carpet. Like a BAG OF MONEY. Don’t ENVY ANYONE O. Na Packaging. Na wash. Now dem don even Dey give money for BEST DRESSED.

“Taking the light away from the film wey dem come to appraise. You IGN’ANT (Ignorant) like the Americans would say. We’z be IGN’ANT,” he concluded.

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