Chris Okotie reveals his stand on third marriage after failed marriages


Rev Chris Okotie, founder of Household of God Church in Lagos has now disclosed his stand on a third marriage after two previously failed ones.

Recall that Chris Okotie was first marriage ended in 2001 and he was married to Tina and then he went on to marry Stephanie Henshaw in 2008, however, the union ended in 2012.

Speaking in an interview with BBC, the 64-year-old Clergy, Chris Okotie, disclosed that he is not interested in getting married for the third time.

Okotie told BBC Pidgin that God called him to be celibate like the biblical Apostle Paul but he did not understand until he grew older.

“I’m not getting married again,” he answered when asked if there was any chance he would have another wife.

“I’m not getting married again because Jesus has already told me that one has ended. When I was saved, when I became born again, I was in the university at the time I did not understand the will of God for my life. I always said I wanted my own family and all that and I went and did what I wanted,” he said.

Okotie has proposed the idea of an interim government in Nigeria which he would head. According to him, Nigeria might not survive another general election.

In another news, Pastor Joshua Iginla has condemned Rev. Chris Okotie for the statement he made about the late T.B. Joshua.

Chris Okotie had called T.B. Joshua the “Wizard at Endor” shortly after his death, then recently called him names again. Chris said that T.B. Joshua took that name “because he believes he is another Jesus.”

Chris added of the late televangelist: “He believes that God sent him to our world to bring reconciliation between God and mankind, exactly the same way the Lord Jesus was sent, and that is why he took that name Joshua.”

Okotie’s utterance has been condemned by a number of people and Iginla has now weighed in.

Speaking on the topic, Iginla asked: “So it is now an error to bear Joshua?”

Condemning Chris further, Pastor Joshua Iginla said: “…That he was sharing the same name with Christ. So, you bearing Chris, are you not sharing the same name with Christ?

He continued: “Pastor Chris Okotie is a disgrace to the body of Christ. How do you talk about the dead in this manner? How?”

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