“Child Birth And Marriage Are Not An Achievement” – Bukunmi Explains

"Child Birth And Marriage Are Not An Achievement” – Bukunmi Explains

Popular Nigerian Tv host, Bukunmi Adeaga-Ilori has stated that marrying and giving birth should not be mistaken for achievement in one’s life.

According to her, marriage and childbirth are all the additives to life as God promised, it is a blessing from God to improve and complete the life of human beings.

She advised people to focus on themselves and not compare other people’s marriages to theirs.

The Tv host used just a second to rubbish something most people see to be the greatest thing they would want to accomplish in life. Everybody would like to get married and especially for women, marriage is the most glorifying event to ever happen in their lives. Seeing it being played down would attract issues.


“Being married is not an achievement! Having children is not an achievement either!

These things are blessings! Only given by God! It has nothing to do with how intelligent, famous or successful you are!

And for these reasons, you can’t make other people’s marriage or children your own standard or yardstick to measure your performance in these fields or your overall success level in life.

Nobody’s marriage is goals! I repeat, NOBODY’S MARRIAGE is goals!! God is the one scoring your own goals!


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