Chelsea legend Didier Drogba reacts to rumour of him converting to Islam


Former Chelsea star, and Ivorian Legend, Didier Drogba has debunked the rumour making the rounds on social media about him converting to Islamic religion.

The former football player made this known in a post shared via his official Twitter page today, November 11 while addressing the public on the ongoing reports making the waves across social media.

“This story is going viral 😅 but I haven’t changed religion. This was just me paying respect to my Muslim brothers i was visiting in my village.

“A moment of togetherness. Who doesn’t want all the blessings 😅”, the Ivorian stated on his official Twitter account:

See reactions below;

@msj1420_1: I ask God to grant you guidance, and to embrace Islam soon, we were happy with the news of your conversion to Islam and we hope that it will happen soon, my legend 💙💙

@RMD1T: Be a muslim man your life is going to be better and better more than you ever thought

@Bolaji4598: Do you need this ? I guess not. Both Christian and Muslim are calling and praying to one GOD. Believe it or leave it. Safe!!!

@apody50: I ask God to open your heart to Islam and read the Noble Qur’an and some books about Islam to know the path of truth, Didiah, take the opportunity, please, and embrace this true religion, complete from God Almighty from distortion 🤍🙏

@icrrtq: Become a Muslim, this is better for you, and for your life you will live in unparallelled comfort, your life will become more beautiful

@hoesloveme88·: This is why Henry is better than you

@sm4354690·: I was so happy when I heard the news. Now I feel sorry for you. May Allah give you guidance and true faith. Because you deserve it.😪

This rumour was posted by a preacher on his official Facebook page, today, Monday, November 7, 2022.

The preacher in the post attached some pictures where Drogba was seen praying as a Muslim, wrote; “The former Ivorian footballer reverted to Islam.”

While the details of the report are still sketchy as of press time, it should be recalled that similar news went viral in 2016 which had it that Drogba converted to Islam with the help of his former teammate, Yahya Toure.

Meanwhile, reports had it that Drogba’s wife and his children are Muslims.

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