Catholic Priest Regains Freedom From Boko Haram


Good news for the Catholic society as they celebrate the release of, Rev. Fr. Elijah Juma Wada who was kidnapped by Boko Haram last month, the catholic priest was abducted by members of ISWAPBoko Haram terrorists on Damboa-Maiduguri Road last month

He was said to be travelling from Buma Parish in Shani to Damaturu for the 10th anniversary thanksgiving Mass of his friend, Rev. Fr Yakubu Inda Philibus at St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Damaturu.

A friend to the Priest, Mallam Yamta had said Wada left Shani Local Government Area on Monday 28th June, and spent the night in Biu Local Government Area before he proceeded on his journey the following day (Tuesday 29th June 2021) along Biu- Damaturu 130km drive.

Yamta added the priest who lives in Shani following a windstorm that destroyed his official residence in Buma village, where the parish is located, and prior to his abduction, Wada do shuttles from Shani Council Headquarter

He said,

 “The Reverend Father before his abduction was driving in his Corolla Car, unfortunately, his empty car which was riddled with bullets was later found along the roadside near Buratai town, some few kilometres away from Biu.”

However, reliable sources have informed Vanguard that the priest gained his freedom last week Thursday.

“The news of the freedom of our brother is true. We thank God for his life. We are grateful to God for the cheering news.

“Haven’t you heard that the priest you reported that he was kidnapped has now regained his freedom from the hands of his abductors?”. He was freed last Thursday,” one of the parishioners said.

The official added that “the Bishop will soon communicate with the press on the matter at an appropriate time”

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