Call on the one whose name is Jehovah El-Shaddai- Pastor Adeboye tells Nigerians over economic hardship


Pastor E. A Adeboye, founder of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, has faced criticism for urging Nigerians to seek help from God during difficult times.

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He emphasized that those in need should call upon Jehovah El-Shaddai, as God is capable of meeting their needs.

He said: “If you need provision if things are hard, and I know things are hard for quite a few of us, call on the one whose name is Jehovah El-Shaddai, the God who is more than enough. Call on Him – the one who is more than enough, and He will meet your needs…He has many ways, depending on what is your needs.

When all ways are blocked, call on Him who is called the way when you don’t even know what’s going on.”

His statement has sparked a massive backlash as netizens slam him for being insensitive.

Chedck out some of the reactions below:

Dany Crank407 “At this point gan this man no deserve any atom of respect again

Card Akan28 “Vit if una need to buy jets or to construct another church na, ur members must pay

Aribadasha “This man dey smoke Igbo

One Call Mee Angie “This man face dey vex me

One Michael Oyinduobra “I’m losing respect for this man as the days goes by


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