“Burna Boy is the biggest fraud and most uninspiring artiste” – TV presenter Lerin


Lerin Nicodemus, a Nigerian TV personality, has sparked a heated dispute within the music industry by describing Grammy-winning performer Damini “Burna Boy” Ogulu as “the most uninspiring artiste.”

Nicodemus made this controversial remark in response to Burna Boy’s previous remarks that Afrobeats music lacks “substance.”

Burna Boy’s perceived shift in attitude toward Afrobeats is the source of the media personality’s criticism.

She accused Burna Boy of riding the tide of international fame and benefitting from Afrobeats’ global popularity, only to suddenly criticize the genre’s alleged lack of depth.

Burna Boy’s actions, according to Lerin Nicodemus, made him appear hypocritical, as he built his brand on the grounds of Pan-African activism inspired by the famous Fela Kuti.

Nicodemus went on to call Burna Boy a “fraud” for supposedly failing to put into practice the Pan-African principles he frequently alluded to in his music and public demeanor.

She pointed out that, while positioning himself as a social change advocate, Burna Boy has kept silent or mocked societal issues at periods of socio-political crisis in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

The TV host did not stop there in condemning Burna Boy’s advocacy. Nicodemus contrasted him negatively to his peers, Wizkid and Davido, whom she says actively support Afrobeats and uplift emerging artists.

She accused Burna Boy of disparaging others whenever a chance arose, in sharp contrast to Wizkid and Davido’s supportive posture.
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  1. You forget to add and also rude. Be believe he’s arrived and nothing can bring him down. The fool keeps promoting his music outside Nigeria for clouts. Forgetting his roots and also knowing we Nigeria are the main steam of his so called music. Na rubbish the guy Dey sing now.

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