Buhari Is Rejected By God, His Only Qualification Is His Height – Panam Percy Paul

Buhari Is Rejected By God, His Only Qualification Is His Height – Panam Percy Paul

Nigerian gospel singer, Panam Percy Paul, says God has rejected President Muhammadu Buhari just like he did to King Saul in the Bible.

Paul spoke in a viral video wherein he delivered a cryptic prophecy on the Buhari-led administration while drawing a comparative analysis between the situation of things in Nigeria now and what happened during the biblical time of Saul.

It was not immediately clear when he delivered the message, which was shared by former presidential aide, Reno Omokri, but in the video, the Jos-born singer said God told him Buhari was imposed on him by the church in Nigeria in 2015.

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The musician added that God said just like Saul, Buhari lacked the required qualification to “govern his people.”

He said in part; “The Lord honestly said that I should tell this people and bring you word of comfort. It’s a word of prophecy. To let you know, that this King Saul was not his choice. That King Saul was imposed upon him….”

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“He said what qualification does Saul have to become a king? He was not intelligent; he could not even tell the footprints of donkeys. This one (Buhari) is also the same. The Lord said to me, the only qualification Saul had was his height. Only height, no qualification.

“This one (Buhari) also has no primary school certificate, no secondary. None. Everybody has checked everywhere for his certificates; he does not have any…only height. So, I asked the Lord what would happen, he told me he is going to take them out. I said if you take them out, what about their sons, then he said what happened to Saul, did he die alone?

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“The Lord said to me, for the next 40 years, these people will struggle, they will try everything to come back, and they will not succeed. I calculated 40 years from now; I will be 110. After 40 years, there will not be a remembrance of them anymore, forever.”

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