BRT driver confesses to engaging in “dirty acts” that caused Late Bamise to throw herself out of his bus [VIDEO]


Andrew Nice Omininikoron the arrested BRT driver, has been filmed giving a statement that contradicts his previous statement about what happened to Oluwabamise Toyosi Ayanwole.

In a statement televised on Monday, March 7, Andrew had claimed that he picked up 22-year-old Bamise at Chevron Lekki then later picked up three other young men.

He claimed the men showed him a weapon during the course of the journey and ordered him to park on Carter Bridge. They then got down, dragging Bamise with them.

The driver said he was too afraid so couldn’t do much to help. He didn’t have a coherent answer when asked why he didn’t report the incident immediately.

Now,  a video has shown the initial interview Andrew granted following his arrest. He made no mention of three men with guns.

The BRT driver claimed in the video that Bamise threw herself out of the moving bus.

He added that her actions had to do with the “dirty acts” he had done

Andrew said: “She forced herself out of the back door.She was crying for help, and everything was recorded.

“Because of the dirty acts I’ve done… I’m afraid.”

Andrew Nice Omininikoron is the driver of the BRT bus that 22-year-old Toyosi Ayanwole boarded before she was found dead.

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