Broda Shaggi Denies Being A Virgin After A Lady Claimed She Had S*X With Him


Instagram comedians Broda Shaggi and Mr Macaroni have both denied being virgins following a call out post by an Instagram user.

Recall that the comedians had taken to social media to disclose that they are virgins.

Their post however triggered a lady into calling out Broda Shaggi. The Instagram user accused Shaggi of lying to her just to get into her pants. Alleging that she has proof including their videos together, the lady also accused the comedian of demanding for anal s*x which she gave in to.

Reacting to this, Broda Shaggi and Mr Macaroni took back their virginity claim and also pointed out that they were joking.

Instagram comedians Broda Shaggi and Mr Macaroni deny being virgins after a lady alleged that she had s*x with Shaggi

Meanwhile Rumors were rifts some hours ago that Nobel Laureate, Wole Soyinka has passed away. The rumors were sparked after a supposed account belonging to Abdulrazak Gurnar who happens to be the winner of the 2021 Nobel Prize for literature stated that Wole Soyinka is dead.

The post from Gurnar reads;

“I got a call from Nigeria. Wole Soyinka died suddenly a few minutes ago. A terrible news.”

Social media users who saw the post noticed that there might be something wrong somewhere and their suspicion was confirmed when the son of the award-winning writer come out to debunk these claims.

In his reaction to these rumors, Wole’s son identified as Ilemakin laughed off these rumors in an interview with the THECableNg saying;

“The rumour has been going round since last week. Soyinka is alive when last I checked.”

Reactions from social media users who have seen the confirmation from Soyinka’s son that Soyinka is still alive are;

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