Breaking: Two Suicide Bombers Attacks Maiduguri Monday Market


Two Suicide bombers in fresh attack on Sunday morning attacked Maiduguri Monday Market, National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), confirmed that only the suicide bombers lost their lives in the process.

The Director of Public Affairs and Information of NEMA Sani Datti in a statement said the two bombers, male and female got killed in an attempt to wreck havoc on the ever bustling market which is located at the heart of Maiduguri metropolis.


The statement also noted that 17 people have been injured and evacuated Maduguri Specialist hospital for adewuate operation as rescue wirkers and security personal have moved in the clear the scene.


The statement read: “A male and female suicide bomber have detonated explosives near Monday market maiduguri this morning. Rescue workers at scene. “Only the suicide bombers lost their lives while 17 persons were injured and evacuated to the Specialist Hospital Maiguduri”.


Maiduguri Monday market has suffered nemerous bomb and suicide attacks during the peak of Book Haram activities in Maiduguri claiming hundreds of lives.


Abba Jato, an attendant at one of the filling stations at the Post Office area of Maiduguri said the sound of the explosion shook every building around the area. “We heard a loud bang and every building around shook to foundation but because we are used to these kind of things, I knew it’s a bomb blast. I cannot tell how many people were affected now because the Police and red Cross with NEMA people were there. I saw three ambulances running to the area,” Jato said.