Boss in awe as she finds all her employees sleeping in her multi-million naira clothing store

Boss in disbelieve as she finds all her employees sleeping in multi-million naira clothing store

A Nigerian boss was shocked to see her employees, whom she had entrusted with her clothing store worth millions of naira, sleeping during her visit.

The intended routine check turned into an unexpected discovery when she saw both staff members sleeping during work hours.

The incident is captured in a TikTok video provided by @kenzycollectible, which shows the desk assistant sleeping with her head resting on the table.

In another part of the store, an employee was seen sleeping quietly on the floor among the clothing items.

The humorous video created a wave of online conversation, with many viewers surprised and amused by the incident.

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Reacting to the post…

@Thrift Vendor said: “Atleast they should take turn, not the two of them sleeping at the same tome.”

@Igando Baker said: “If the place is a busy area they will not sleep.”

@Morenikeji said: “This is how my husband sales rep sleep one days, she even sleep nd face the wall, I enter carry 3 big iPhone nd went out nd hide it den come back nd did has if am just coming nd I wake her up.”

@Teebalz69 said: “If someone enter to steal they won’t even notice.. this one no be nap na full sleep.”

@Nifty herbals said: “The girl wey dey help me before eh you fit carry her from downstairs go upstairs she no go wake if she never dey satisfied with that sleep.”

@Wigs by Barbie said: “Sales girl go whine you but no panic.”

@Afoo Ibadan said: “You need to do door alarm, it’s a normal thing, also imply a 5min break for them like every 2 hours.”y

@Elraj said: “Give her coffee every 3 hours she will be okay.”

In another news, in an interview with Afrimax, a 40-year-old man named Ismail Azizi described how he died and came back to life six times. He also disclosed that his society regards him as a ghost and a big witch since he refused to die.

He described the exclusion he experienced from his community, family, and friends. This assumption caused them to burn him in his home, causing him to die from smoke inhalation, but he eventually awoke.

A man interviewed alongside him to give an account, Al Mansi says,

“When the incident happened, I witnessed everything because I and others were in charge of burying him. Just before the ceremony started, he came out of the coffin. Everyone there immediately ran away because it was terrifying to see someone you know is dead come back to life. This wasn’t the only time; there were other occasions where he died and came back to life.”

Ismail explained that each time he dies, his family and friends gather for his funeral, but he always comes back to life. He described his experiences, “Life continued, but I felt there was something wrong. Every time I died and came back, my body felt strange. Because of the witches in our area, people started treating me as if I were a witch.”

He also shared a serious accident at work where everyone thought he had died. “They took me to the hospital in critical condition, and the doctors told my friends and relatives that I was dead. They took me to the morgue, but I woke up feeling very cold. Fortunately, the morgue wasn’t closed, and I walked out. When my family saw me, they ran away because they thought I was a gh0st.”

Ismail also relayed when he died from malaria, “As soon as they placed me in the coffin, I woke up and realized I was alive. This was the second time it had happened. People didn’t believe I was real; they thought I was a ghost.”

He spoke about another incident: “During a trip, our car collided with another vehicle carrying fuel, and I went into a coma. Even the doctors became scared because they had seen me come back to life multiple times. They started treating me as if I were a witch.”

He lives a solitary live and termed his experience as a gift from God as he shared that his grandfather had also resurrected from the dead during his lifetime.



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