BOMBSHELL!!! OBJ Spits Fire Mr President Forget The Fight On Corruption Abeg , Nigeria Needs Restructuring



Ex president Olusegun Aremu Obasanjo has drop a bombshell, saying that Nigeria’s problems will continue until the urgent need to reform institutions in the country is met.

Obasanjo made this known at the 18th Valedictory Service of Good Shepherds Schools, Ota, Ogun state on Thursday, July 21. According to him, the decay in the country had eaten deep into the education sector, The Punch reports.

Former president Olusegun Obasanjo has said Nigeria’s problems will continue until the urgent need to reform institutions in the country is fulfilled. Speaking through his Chief of Staff, Deacon Victor Durodola, Obasanjo said examination malpractice was a sign of the corruption in the system.

He said: “Our system has crumbled and the education sector has been affected. Unless we overhaul our system, we will continue to have problems. The education sector is a subset of the system. Once we overhaul the system, everything will fall in place. “Our value system is changing. It has changed for the worse and we need to bring it back to path of rectitude. When we reorder the society, our value system is reordered. When we reform all our weak institutions, everything will work well. The education sector will also work well.

“Examination malpractice deserves to be treated with iron hand. It will grow like wild fire if we don’t arrest it.” Before calling for restructuring of the education sector, Obasanjo had identified the agricultural sector as a target for government officials in the past for stealing the country’s fund. The former president noted that agriculture has what it takes to sustain the nation’s economy if fully utilized and that the current drop in oil price was a wake-up call for the present administration.