Being Everywhere Doesn’t Make One A Richer Comedian – Seyi Law

Being Everywhere Doesn’t Make One A Richer Comedian - Seyi Law

In recent times, there have been many stand-up comedians and their social media counterparts bringing out new substanceswith the purpose of being recognised. This had made some human beings to opine that youthful comedians are taking over, as their prices are even lower than that of their senior colleagues.

However, ace comedian, Oluwaseyitan Aletile, higher recognized as Seyi Law, has disagreed with such insinuations.

Speaking with Sunday Scoop, Law said, “The older one receives in the industry, the fewer jobs one takes, even though one would even make more money. When one is juststarting out, one would be hot and everyone would desire a piece of one. At that stage, one’s expenses would be quite low priced to many. But as one starts to enhance on oneself, one would start to make higher demands and one wouldn’t be everywhere as one used to be.

Let’s count on that at the early stage, one prices N500,000 per match and 10 humanscan find the money for one’s offerings in a month; one would be virtually everywhere, going for walks from one tournament to the other. However, when one begins to cost N2m per performance, one would no longer be for anybody however the select few that can manage to pay for it.”

However, it’s not computerized that the older one gets in the business, the greater money one can charge. One has to improve oneself.

Sometimes, humans relegate comedians. A musician who simply had a hit song should cost the same expenses with a comic that has been in the commercial enterprise for about 15 years. Yet, people don’t take that into account; they don’t talk about the disparity in the charges of musicians and comedians. A comic would host an event for hours and cost N5m, while a musician that would operate for 20 minutes would be paid N20m.

Seyi Law, who frequently posts movies of his interactions with his daughter, Tiwaloluwa, on social media, said she does some brilliant matters that are quite humorous however that doesn’t suggest she’s going to be a comedian. He added, “I’m attempting as a lot as viable to preserve an open idea and be very liberal. If I had gone by using the desires of my parents, I likelywouldn’t have become a comedian. I simplyprefer to train her and allow her discoverher personal path.”

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