“Be patient and resolve your issues; Marriage has no manual” – Nosa Rex advises Israel DMW amid his marital crisis


Actor Nosa Rex from Nollywood has taken to social media to offer Israel DMW marriage advice regarding his differences with his divorced wife Sheila.

The actor began by saying that he should be qualified to counsel married men because he has been married for eight years.

He asserted that married people are growing increasingly self-conscious of their partnership and that there is no longer any tolerance.

He said that although there is no manual for marriage, experience has kept him going.

Nosa asserted that there is no such thing as a perfect marriage and recommended dating before marriage as a way for a couple to get to know one another.

Regarding Israel DMW’s failed marriage, Nosa took issue with an influencer who accused Israel of continually groveling before Afrobeat musician Davido.

He gave Israel advice to keep going after whatever endeavors meet his needs and make him feel important.

With the exception of the fact that there are still some unanswered questions, he gave Israel DMW the order to resolve his differences with his wife.


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