BBNaija’s Saga and I are just friends – Detola Jones reveals

BBNaija’s Saga and I are just friends – Detola Jones reveals

Detola Jones, a Nigerian actress, has denied ever having a romantic relationship with Big Brother Naija 2021 star Deolu Okusaga, also known as Saga.

She discussed how people took her and Saga’s on-screen connection in a movie too personal and began to  to wrongly project them as a couple in reality.

The screen diva confirmed in a recent interview that they are only friends, and that her dating the reality celebrity only occurred in the film ‘Not The Plan’.

Detola said;“Deolu and I are just friends. I think the rumors started from people who were so obsessed with the chemistry our characters had in the film, and are desperate for us to be an item in reality.

“But, unfortunately for them, we are just friends. We met for the first time on that set, but we clicked instantly, and it seemed like we had been friends for years. That’s about it.”

Furthermore, she recalls always wanting to be an actor and confirming her decision when she was five years old and her father took her to see a live play. Detola Jones said;

“I had always wanted to become an actress. I always wanted to be involved in entertainment, whether acting, singing or dancing. I always loved watching my favourite TV and music idols on screen, but there was one defining moment that really made it all click for me.

“One day, when I was about four or five years old, my dad took me to see a play, and it was electrifying. I remember how great I felt on that day.

“Thankfully, I got into the industry when the world had started to embrace the dark skin. I really cannot say that I have faced any challenges solely based on my skin colour. I hope we can all continue like this.

“As Africans, we should celebrate every skin colour and body type. As an aspiring actor, one has to be confident in oneself. There will be different obstacles to overcome, and self-confidence will help one with at least 99 per cent of them.”


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