#Bbnaija2018; Teddy A Doesn’t Have a Single Respect For Women – Ahneeka Rants


#Bbnaija2018; Teddy A Doesn’t Have a Single Respect For Women – Ahneeka Rants#Bbnaija2018; Teddy A Doesn’t Have a Single Respect For Women – Ahneeka Rants

The Big Brother Naija reality TV show seems to be getting more dramatic by the day. One of the coolest housemates on the show, Ahneeka, has finally revealed what could be her true identity as she blasted another housemate Teddy A, saying he doesn’t respect women.

After yesterday’s Friday night PayPorte arena games was completed. Teddy A and Ahneeka were seen engrossed in a conversation when she was asked not to be silly by Teddy A. In her response, she said Teddy A meant she was silly and she would not take that.

It was then that Ahneeka got really angry and blasted Teddy A, she went on to say that he has no respect for women at all. Ahneeka told Teddy A that he’s f**k!ng stupid.

She seemed not to be cool with the statement as she could be seen ranting all around the house and making known her grievances to anyone that cared to listen. Even Big Bitto tried to offer his help by trying to calm her down but she was uncontrollable.

She was finally able to calm down after a while as she found her seat beside Angel. Angel tried to pacify her saying whatever Teddy must have told her should not be taken serious as that was his opinion and doesn’t determine who she is. And every one of the Big Brother Naija show has the right to say whatever pleases them.

Leo also came around to Ahneeka and told her that Teddy A didn’t abuse her, Leo was of the view that all Teddy A said was “don’t be silly” meaning he didn’t directly say that Ahneeka is stupid.

Ahneeka however did not want to take any of that. In her opinion she believes Teddy A doesn’t respect women at all and that she had noticed that ever since they all stepped on the Big Brother Naija show.

She even mentioned that she noticed the way he speaks to Bambam and she is not in any way pleased with that.

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