Basketmouth Opens Up On Beef With AY & Bovi


Nigerian comedians are known for being supportive and almost every comedian claims to be friends, but unfortunately there has been whispers of a silent war between, Bright Okpocha, better known as Basketmouth and his fellow comedians, AY Makun and Bovi.

According to Basketmouth, he has no issues with the two comedians only that Bovi snitched on him some time ago which really pained him. In an interview with ‘Black Box’ host, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, Basketmouth, disclosed that the misunderstanding had been solved and they were back to being friends.

In his words:

“There’s nothing like a feud between AY and I. He came in my space; messed with loyalty by saying something to my lawyer Magnus that I told him in private.

“It was nothing but it was enough to cause a rift and have me put up the walls. We made peace and he apologized. I have no single problem with AY as claimed. We just don’t talk.”

“Bovi and I went to Abuja. He performed. I was blown away. When he was done, we talked about what he could do better. We’d been friends but that was the first I saw him perform. I didn’t know any background story.

“I proposed that we do business together and we clicked. I was already hearing claims before and after the settled rift with AY.  These things only linger. But I hope AY considers me a friend. When the rift happened, I told him.

“He had invited me to his show once. The first one he did, I couldn’t attend although I was meant to perform. But I heard that the fact that I didn’t perform hurt him. He didn’t tell me, so I don’t know. I couldn’t ask him too.

“That I didn’t invite you for my gigs doesn’t mean anything because there are many others I didn’t invite. Because we don’t work together, there are certain things I could miss. Work gets in the way. You have oversights and stuff.

“I respect AY’s hustle and support it like everyone’s. But that’s it. There is this friend of mine I grew up with like a brother. He messed up. You can’t get that relationship back because I just can’t trust you that way again.

“I hadn’t worked with Bovi in a while, so I called in 2020, proposing a skit. We’re all hustling. Bovi stepped into a new world and got busy. He might not have my time. I heard stories that we had a feud,” Basketmouth added.

“Before his movie premiere, there was a miscommunication with those promoting it. We spoke of it. I think I messed up there because I should have posted it. If people understand how I function, they won’t claim I have a feud.

“Guys, time is not on my side. I’m running a race. I’m 43 and I’ll be 50 in seven years. It scares me. We’re living in a world where tech is taking over. There was a time standup comedy was the thing. But when last did you attend one?

“This is the time for me to create things and you think my business is with another man’s hustle? No! My concern is increasing my audience, not feuds. These I worry about.”

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