“Awon village people at work, who you offend?”-Reactions as swarm of bees storm a vendor’s shop in Lagos [Video]


A video currently making the rounds on social media captured moment a swarm of bees stormed a vendor’s shop in Lagos.

The vendor as well as those around had taken to their heels as they tried to avoid being stung by the countless number of bees which stormed the shop.

Although while speculations keep flying around the net, cause of the bee attack is still yet to be ascertained.

Social Media users have although aired their opinions as some speculated that it might be an attack from the vendor’s village, while others say it might be a bad omen as swarm of bees are said to be harbingers of bad news.

Meanwhile Reality TV star, Mercy Eke is bereaved at the moment, and in deep sorrow as she loses her father.

She shared the photo of a dark image and a candle, stating she is so devastated over her father’s demise.

The brand influencer who seemed to be in denial of the sad incident, said she did not want to believe that such a thing was happening to her.

Eke made this known via her verified Instagram page, where she shared a photo of a candle and wrote: “I’m so devastated at the demise of my daddy. God I don’t want to believe this is happening to me right now. 💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔.” 

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