“Aunty ramota’s skin dey glow, See as she’s ramotaing”- Reactions as Aunty Ramota copy Portable’s hairstyle


After showcasing her most recent haircut, Nigerian actress and content producer Ramota Adetu, also known as Aunty Ramota, received a number of comments.

She identified it as the Zazoo hairdo, which is associated with the controversial musician Portable, also known as Habeeb Okikiola.

She employed a variety of colors, which is customary for the “Zazoo Zeh” singer, who often wears a comparable haircut. She claims that the cost of creating the haircut was about N1,000.

She demonstrated to a woman in the TikTok video the other reasonably priced things she had purchased. As she spoke, she also flaunted the tattoo on her hand.

Watch the video below to see Aunty Ramota’s zazoo hairstyle:


New hair style 😂😂😂😂 🎥 @Omolara 👸🏾

♬ original sound – auntyramota_authentic

Numerous individuals have left comments on the content creator’s haircut.

@ebonysucre: “Aunty ramota made me say no to piercing.”

@Meeyat: “Aunty Ramota dey celebrate Christmas or Sallah the story no clear.”

@ritacendy: “Aunty ramota don first me do Christmas hair oo. See as she’s ramotaing.”

@Allison islamiat: “Na aunty ramota go make pikin clothes cost diz December.”

@TyffeGold: “Aunty Ramota self get tattoo. Wetin Musa no go see for gate.”

@MimmyFash: “Shoe 2k, dress 1500, hair 1k = 4500,aunty ramota na wife material 100yardsX mas don set f.or aunty ramota and me still dey here.”

@cletus: “Why can’t Aunty Ramota speak English for us.”

@Najaat: “Omooo Aunty ramota’s skin dey glow o.”

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