“Auntie Where is your privacy?”– Trolls pick on Korra Obidi over video where she dragged her ex-husband during visit

Korra Obidi’s Estranged Husband Makes U-Turn, Gives Fresh Reasons behind His Broken Marriage [Video]

Nigerians seems to be getting tired with the endless controversy between popular dancer, Korra Obidi and her estranged husband, Justin Dean.

Every single issue between the duo have always entered the public’s eye, and this seems to be too much for many who posited that the dancer should make some things private from now on.

This time, a video making the rounds online shows the moment Korra Obidi recorded herself during a visit to her children in Justin’s house.

She could be heared berating her husband for trying to talk to her.

“You are not supposed to be talking to be..You are breaking the law,” Korra fumed when Justin began a conversation.

The comment section of the video has been overwhelmed with backlash as Nigerians faulted her decision to record a supposedly private moment.

@Jemmy frank: “Why is this online?”

@Deborah Rocha: “Must you record everything in your life? Where is your privacy?”

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